Well controlled HIV+ and NEED up to $2 million of traditional term or permanent life insurance? You know where the dead ends are. Now talk to someone who can get the job done!

You need from $250,000 up to $2 million of
Traditional Life Insurance and have well controlled HIV?

Know How To At Last Succeed.

  • HIV+ diagnosis more than 3 years ago
  • You have received Anti-retroviral treatment aggressively since diagnosis
  • Must be at least 30 years old at the time of application
  • Viral load is currently undetectable and no history of AIDS defining illness
  • Your CD4 lymphocyte count Is in the normal range (500-1200). This has to be confirmed prior to application
  • You have NO history of Hepatitis C and NO history of IV drug use
  • You are a non smoker (there is a relevant increase in risk)

HIV Positive Is NO Longer
An Automatic Decline.

HIV Positive Life Insurance

No non HIV related health issues that
require ongoing treatment.

We know what it takes to succeed,
get a secure life insurance quote from Ed Hinerman.

Even Better, All Of The Above And…..

  • You were diagnosed between the ages of 20-39
  • You have been HIV positive for 5 or more years, with consistent and compliant treatment documented. Serial blood work and medical surveillance is well documented.
  • CD4 count was high at the time of diagnosis and has remained consistently in the normal range of 500-1200.
  • Your viral load was low at time of diagnosis.
  • Routine blood work, including kidney and liver functions, is stable and normal.
  • Hep B surface antigen is negative.
  • If HIV virus was contracted through unprotected sexual contact, you are currently practicing safe-sex and/or is in a monogamous relationship. Your lifestyle does not lead to exposure to STD’s or Hepatitis. (You are not being treated for non HIV STD’s.)
  • You are free of early coronary artery disease or renal disease signs.

The Hinerman Group has a track record of leading the way in new underwriting for hard to place cases like HIV Positive. If you have been declined for life insurance, or are concerned that you could be due to HIV+, use the secure application form at the Hinerman Group website.

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“Ed, I just have to tell it like it is. We wouldn’t have life insurance on my husband if we hadn’t found you.”

K Graham, Sedona, AZ.

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